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A collage on a bulletin board in Lyle's office tells a little about the "man behind the title Author".

Lyle and wife Pat find time to "model" at a fashion show.

Here Lyle does an informal presentation at one of his favorite Librars. He is very supportive and proactive in his bid to help small communities have access to authors and resources.


Lyle Ernst, Kim Anderson, speakers Denny Eilers and,

         Don Harsted

The North East Iowa Writer's Conference: organizers and speakers


Always accessible to mentor writers and encourage them along the way.

Lyle spending time with his lovely wife Pat who is interested in his work, and often his most ardent fan and proof reader.

In this picture she accompanied him to the Quad Cities Greyhound Adoption shelter in Maysville Iowa.

Subsequent to this visit, Lyle wrote a wonderful and positive piece on the Greyhounds and their wonderful qualities as "adoptive children" in your home.

A special salute to the volunteers at the QCGA who run a 100% volunteer organization and have adopted out over a thousand retired racers.

You will often see Lyle meeting other authors at his favorite Starbucks and he will most likely be carrying books to share or returning books he borrowed. The man is a human "reading machine" and no one can figure out when he has time to write his novels, books, freelance newspapers articles, magazine pieces and attend local author get togethers.
When all is said and done, these two lovebirds like nothing better than being a team and spending their retirement days together. A day at the Mississippi River is just icing on the proverbial cake.

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